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January 2015

Breathy singing. Question and answer by vocal coach Leontine Hass

This was a question to laryngologist Anthony Jahn whose latest book I contributed to. Anthony asked me to answer it… Dear Doctor Jahn – I’m curious – I have a friend who sings in a sultry, airy voice. My voice is more clear (I think both styles are great) – but what is it, exactly, […]

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Stagefright – some solutions – by vocal coach Leontine Hass

Tackling Stage fright by Leontine Hass If I had a penny for every singer who comes to me and reveals that they suffer from stage fright, a sudden loss of confidence and therefore suddenly loose control of their vocals, I would be drinking Rum in the Bahamas right now. Singers suffer from debilitating anxiety, fear, […]

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Common vocal problems and solutions

Some common vocal problems and how to address them: As a vocal coach I come across several recurring vocal issues. I will list one of the main ones here and summarise the way in which it can be addressed. Please bear in mind that solving technical challenges is best done together with a good vocal […]

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Marketing yourself as a performer and vocalist

Marketing: How to inspire people to want to see you perform Marketing. A dirty word in the Arts. However, the reality is that if you are to succeed in this competitive business, marketing yourself as an artist is something you need to think about. Why should someone come to see you in a gig or […]

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