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Group Singing

I love my group singing class. It is the best way to prevent singers from becoming isolated and neurotic. All of a sudden everyone establishes the simple fact that every singer has at least a couple of vocal challenges. If you are interested in booking 4 group singing sessions please e-mail me on leontine@associatedstudios.co.uk.
It is great to get ones singing fears out in the open, sing something badly in front of everyone and then fix it. Suddenly singers feel that they are not alone, that other people have the same problems, and they learn by watching others have their technical difficulties pulled apart, analysed, and sorted out. It is a great group as it varies so much. Some of the singers are quite advanced, some are very much beginners.However classes are streamed.

My old singing teacher, who sadly passed away some years ago, the alto Johanna Peters used to say:

‘Darling, the voice is like a well trained dog. You tell it what to do, and it just does it’

She was absolutely right. With correct guidance, most vocal problems can be sorted out. The only thing that is necessary is for the singer to put the time into careful practice, to practice the new muscle memory, rather than practice the old and so actually reinforce bad technique. Tenacity over a few weeks is vital. It is a ‘tortoise and the hare’ scenario. Practice with concentration for a few weeks and you will be unrecognisable vocally. A voice can be turned around very quickly. Some singers feel it will take them years. It will not, if technique is applied with discipline and informed practice.