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Group Singing Lessons London, with Leontine Hass – Every Monday evening

Singing Lessons London – Every Monday evening

Join Leo’s ever-popular Group Singing Class from 6.30pm to 7.30pm every Monday. Group Singing will be geared to sorting out vocal challenges, practicing various techniques together, getting a good sing in, practicing singing in front of others and receiving advice regarding repertoire. We will also build up your audition folder. Group Singing is wonderful for confidence. You will suddenly notice that others have similar issues, you will hear them improve dramatically over the weeks, and you will loose your inhibitions as you realise most of us face similar challenges. Whether you are rearing to go or lacking in confidence, this session is fun and achieves great things. Actors who sing are welcome.

Cost: £20 per class. If you have not booked in advance you need to text Leo on the day to see if there is still space on 07801 270745 and pay on arrival. The maximum number of singers is 8. To find out more about our singing lessons London, please contact us or complete the form below.

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