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One-to-One Session with Vocal Coach Leontine Hass

Vocal Coach London

An experienced vocal coach, Leontine Hass will assess your voice and identify areas of technical difficulty. She will guide you on how to improve vocally, help you to address technical challenges, look at your repertoire and make a plan on how to fill in the gaps and define your artistic personality and determine career goals and objectives.

Leontine will also put you in touch with other coaches who might be of help such as Musical Directors, Laryngologists, Acting coaches and other relevant experts. After an initial consultation you will be guided on how to practice most effectively, develop your technique, your performance skills and your breadth and suitability in repertoire choices, as well as helping to jointly build objectives for a sustainable and realistic career path. This is of course subject to both parties deciding to work together after an initial consultation!

Find out more about our vocal coach London one-to-one sessions by contacting us on 020 7385 2038, by email or completing the form below.

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