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Words from Leo’s lovely singers past and present


Alice Stokoe – currently playing Sophie in Mamma Mia West-End

Leo has an incredible knack of understanding individual voices and knowing what needs to be done for them to improve. She explains things in a very clear, understandable way, meaning you come away from every lesson having learnt something new and invaluable. Having completed the part time Musical Theatre course at Associated Studios and also had individual coaching with Leo my confidence has improved massively and I would not hesitate to recommend them both.


Ayanna Witter Johnson – Singer-Songwriter

“Since studying with Leo, I have developed a much deeper understanding of how my voice works.  And having followed her exercises, can feel a new and more powerful voice emerging.  One I’ve always dreamed of having. Leo is the best!”


Angela Nesi

‘A singing lesson with Leo is always a good workout! She knows exactly how to push and develop my voice and get the best out of it and I always seem to come away having had a new revelation. She really is the only teacher I’ve had who has been able to explain vocal technique in a way which I can connect to.’ Angela Nesi


Jamie Lambert, 2014 winner of Britain’s Got Talent in ‘Collabro’

“I’ve been under Leo’s wing for a year and a half now and she truly is a great teacher – she not only develops your vocal technique, but also personally supports you and makes your lesson a safe environment. I couldn’t recommend her more. Since winning Britain’s Got Talent she has been a constant source of support both vocally and as a friend” Jamie Lambert


Rachael Ward – currently playing Bombalurina in Cats

“It’s amazing how one person or one thing can make such an impact for the good in someone’s life.This is what the past five months have shown me.Through Leo’s vast knowledge of the voice, she has guided me through various exercises that have transformed my singing and instilled a newfound confidence in my ability.I without a doubt would recommend Leo for any vocal coaching and or advice in the area of singing.She is not only a great voice coach, but person also.” Thank you Leo.Your Student,Rachael


Christina Modestou as Killer Queen in ‘We Will Rock You’

“Leo is an inspirational vocal coach. She is very honest but encouraging. I trust her judgement and she makes me feel like nothing is impossible. I can take any song to a lesson whether it’s something I struggle with or not and she brings out the best in me. With Leo I always strive to be better, she makes me want to practice to be the best that I can be.” Christina Modestou


Waylon Jacobs as Simba in Lion King

“Leo saved me when I was having vocal problems. She returned my confidence to me and we seem to discover new things about my voice in every lesson.”Waylon Jacobs


Calvin Christo Grandling

Since working with Leo my tonal quality, range, and overall singing technique has greatly improved. Leo is a respected in the field and one who works patiently with her students to help them achieve their dreams.


Matt Brinkler

I’ve never come across a singing teacher with such a good awareness of the industry. Not just a fantastic technique teacher but also a great career advisor.


Samantha Smith

I met Leontine Hass at an audition and master class that she was running for musical theatre singers and actors who were looking to improve their vocal skills and increase their repetoire. From that initial workshop to the many that I have attended, I have been so empowered and challenged in so many ways by her vocal expertise and experience. My confidence has grown immensely as well as my vocal range and my acting ability.

I know without a doubt that going to her weekly classes has allowed me to develop into an all round better performer and singer. I remember specifically an audition that I had for a West End musical. After several recalls and after having a singing class with Leontine the night before that final audition, it boosted my confidence level to such a degree, that I walked into that final recall audition fearless. She is a remarkable teacher and friend that sees your potential before you even recognise it within yourself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leo for any job that requires vocal coaching, directing and staging. One of the best Vocal Coaches out there, definitely!