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Leo with Tim Rice, Rory Bremner and her students

Words from Leo's lovely singers past and present

Christina Modestou

Leo is an inspirational vocal coach. She is very honest but encouraging. I trust her judgement and she makes me feel like nothing is impossible. I can take any song to a lesson whether it's something I struggle with or not and she brings out the best in me. With Leo I always strive to be better, she makes me want to practice to be the best that I can be.

Waylon Jacobs

Leo saved me when I was having vocal problems. She returned my confidence to me and we seem to discover new things about my voice in every lesson.

Calvin Christo Grandling

Since working with Leo my tonal quality, range, and overall singing technique has greatly improved. Leo is a respected in the field and one who works patiently with her students to help them achieve their dreams.


I have been Leo’s student for a few months now. Despite our short time together, it is incredible to see the vast improvement she has made with my voice. The quality, strength and range have progressed and she has provided me with a better understanding of good vocal technique. You get out of a lesson what you put into it and Leo encourages you to work hard to realise your potential, although it’s too enjoyable to feel like hard work!

Considering Leo’s extensive professional background and impressive set of students it felt a little daunting entering as a newcomer to musical theatre: I had no need to worry. Leo is absolutely lovely, reassuring and professional. She happily shares her knowledge of the industry and one is put at ease quite quickly, allowing you to enjoy and improve with each and every lesson. I can’t wait to see where she’ll take my voice next!

Matt Brinkler


I've never come across a singing teacher with such a good awareness of the industry. Not just a fantastic technique teacher but also a great career advisor.

Neil Canfer

I've been lucky to have had both 1-1 singing lessons and masterclasses with Leontine. She has helped me with technique and understanding my voice and the kind of material that works for me.

She has also been influential in my acting through song work - she really focuses on the text and meaning of the song as well as the singing, its been great fun working with Leontine with some cracking results and I would recommend her whole heartedly.

Samantha Smith


I met Leontine Hass at an audition and master class that she was running for musical theatre singers and actors who were looking to improve their vocal skills and increase their repetoire. From that initial workshop to the many that I have attended, I have been so empowered and challenged in so many ways by her vocal expertise and experience. My confidence has grown immensely as well as my vocal range and my acting ability.

I know without a doubt that going to her weekly classes has allowed me to develop into an all rounder better performer and singer. I remember specifically an audition that I had for a west end musical, after several recalls and after having a singing class with Leontine the night before that final audition, it boosted my confidence level to such a degree, that I walked into that final recall audition fearless. She is a remarkable teacher and friend that sees your potential and vocal posie way before you even recognise it within yourself.

I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Leo for any job that requires vocal coaching, directing and staging. One of the best Vocal Coaches out there, definitely!